Herdade da Sanguinheira

Herdade sanguinheira

Discover another life!

We are in the heart of Alentejo, surrounded by bucolic meadows and the seemingly endless plain. Here, a different way of life can be found.

The rural silence still make echoes the traditional singing, and we can almost imagine the sound of the harvest labor and pastoral activities. Accompanying this chorus, you can hear the melody of the cuckoo in unison with the crickets.
We have exchanged huts for cozy accommodations, where you can experience the true Alentejo lifestyle. In summer, the heat contrasts with the scent of damp earth in winter. But the sky, regardless of the season, is always starry, embracing the uniqueness of this place.

Welcoming you, we have Baltazar, Baco, and Alecrim with their "Cante" of good lives.
We appreciate progress, but we embrace a lifestyle that opposes worldly and urban habits. Here, rural life brings back memories of our human origins and often our childhood memories. It connects us to the land and nature.
Here, communication is primarily with yourself and with those who accompanying you. But make no mistake, you are not isolated. Enjoy the splendid sunsets or the breaking of beautiful dawns.
This is the perspective we offer you from our Alentejo.

Herdade da Sanguinheira Sustentabilidade

A Herdade da Sanguinheira é composta por cerca de 150 hectares, envolvidos essencialmente pelo montado de sobro e pelo pinheiro bravo.
Embraced by stunning natural landscapes where the soul is touched in every season!

We offer five accommodations of different typologies, meticulously renovated and with various amenities, each with a unique story to tell.
Our apartments and villas are distributed across different buildings, contributing to a greater sense of intimacy and privacy.


Facilities & Services

  • 1 One-Bedroom Apartment
  • 1 Three-Bedroom Apartment
  • 2 Superior Villas
  • Main House
  • Game Room
  • Children's room
  • Barbecue Area
  • Tree table
  • Bike Service
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Estacionamento Gratuito
  • Massages Service
  • Babysitting
  • Children's Arts Studio
  • Zen Activities (wadozen and Yoga)
  • Zumba class
  • BTT
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Tours and Hiking
  • Picnic
  • Tranfers
  • Photo Shoot Session
  • Sevillanas Dance Workshop

Access to the following services requires advance booking reserva prévia.

Herdade da Sanguinheira


Herdade da Sanguinheira is committed to the long-term preservation of the local landscape, flora, and fauna, as well as the local community, its history, connection to the land, and small businesses.
We believe that by promoting local products, showcasing our gastronomy, history, landscapes, and people, we are on the right path to contribute to the development of the local economy and our business, fostering a type of tourism that respects and experiences the authentic offerings of this region.

Herdade da Sanguinheira Paisagem

Our flock of sheep, raised in organic production, enjoys grazing in the pastures found in the low areas of the estate or in the cork oak montado that shelters them.

As cabras anãs, Azeitona e Amêndoa com o seu parceiro Tobias estão sempre disponíveis para uma fotografia e não dispensam uma bela peça de fruta.

Lastly, our beloved Alecrim delights everyone. In the morning, he is the one who wakes us up and calls us for breakfast. Friendly and charming, he leaves no one indifferent!

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