Herdade da Sanguinheira

The Mother of All Houses

Main House

The main house is the mother of all houses.
It is the starting point for us to pedal to all the other accommodations, spaces, and corners.
It is the meeting point for all of our services.

Our "mother" house, as we lovingly call it, is the heart of the estate.
Here you will find the reception area, a living room, a game room, and on the upper floor, the dining room where we serve breakfast daily.
It is where we enter every morning to nourish both the body and the soul.

Fresh bread, the fruit of the day, natural juices, homemade cake, and many other delights await you to start your day nourished and healthy.

No matter the season, this cozy space provides the perfect ambiance, whether it's enjoying a glass of wine by the fireplace or a hot cup of tea during the winter months, or sipping on a refreshing drink during the hot summer months when you seek a cool and relaxing spot.

You'll find some suggestions in the shape of entertainment. From snooker to table games, these are some of the experiences we have at your disposal.

The Space that Surrounds Us

Gardens and Surrounding Spaces

As you walk through our spaces, you will absorb the beauty that nature offers us. These are pleasurable moments that you can experience and embrace here.

The sounds of nature blend with the fragrance of the countryside. It is in this symbiosis that we recharge our energies and nourish our souls. 

Observe and contemplate!

The Space that Surrounds Us

Swimming Pool

High temperatures are perfect for taking a refreshing dip in the pool.
It is a place to pause, to relax and socialise, share smiles and stories.

The Space that Surrounds Us

Zona Lounge

For those who enjoy taking a break and catching up on their reading, while savoring a cup of coffee, a natural juice, or a cocktail, this corner is the perfect solution.

Here, the motto is: "LOVE EVERYWHERE!"

The Space that Surrounds Us


Venture through the cork oaks and pine trees, in the morning breeze or during a sunset at the end of the day, discover the magic of the countryside that embraces us, or simply enjoy the nooks and crannies of the property.

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